Life Story

When most companies start they have an idea or a concept they wish to build on. They look at themselves as a solution to a problem. Our solution is not so much an answer to a problem, but a way to change an issue we had with apparel design itself.

With more companies than ever embracing the ‘comfort in the workplace’ attitude for their employees, employees cannot find a shirt that is work appropriate. After working in the graphic design field, then working in the fashion industry in NYC we came to realize that the problem was big brands only care about pleasing the masses. For those of us that appreciate design, cookie cutter designs just wont do. This is why we filter out the noise and really do our research on what works well without being to loud & visually invasive in the designs we produce.

Pen & Ink Apparel is located in beautiful Denver, Colorado. This is our first year in business. Like everyone else finding their way through this thing called life we have been planning, searching for our creative niche. We feel we have finally found it. We hope you enjoy our artistic style, have an appreciation for typography & design as much as we do.

Follow us on Twitter(@pen_and_ink) and on Instagram(@penandinkapparel). We like being involved in the community & are always giving shoutouts to local business and followers.